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12mm Metal Push Button Switch Illuminated Rest Push Button Switch

Important parameter:

Specifications Dimension Panel Cutout:Φ12mm
Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China
Protection Level:IP65
Max. Current:5A
Max. Voltage:250V
Switch Combination:1NO1NC
Operation type:Momentary/Latching
Illuminated or not:Illuminated or non-illuminated
Illuminated type:Ring led,dot led
Head type:Flat round head,high flat round head,power symbol head,annular
Material:Stainless steel/Brass nickel plated/Aluminum oxide
12mm Metal Push Button Switch
Type:2 PIN(non-illuminated)/4PIN(Illuminated)
Welding foot/Terminal:2/4 Pin Welding foot
Product type:Push Button Switch
Mounting Hole Size:Dia 12mm
LED voltage:3v,5v,6v,12v,24v,36v,110v,220v etc.

Technical Parameter

Degree of Protection IP65
Contact Type

C:1 NO+1NC

Maximum Voltage

250V AC/DC

Thermal Current 3A
Minimum Applicable Load 5V AC/DC,1mA
Contact material Silver plated glod
Terminal Style

.110”Solder/Quick Connect

Operating Temperature -25°to+55°C
Operating Humidity 45 to 85% RH
Contact Resistance 50MΩmaximum
Insulation Resistance 100MΩminimum(500V DC megger)
Vibration Resistance 10 to 55Hz,amplitude 1.2mm p-p
Degree of Protection >10g
Electrical Life

100,000 operations minimum(at full rated load)

100,000 operations minimum(at full rated load) Maintained:1,000,000 operations minimumMomentary:1,000,000 operations minimum

Dielectric withstand voltage

Switch Unit:2,000V AC,1min,between live/dead part and terminals of different poles1,000V AC,1 minute between terminals of the same pole;

1,500V AC,1 minute between contact and lamp terminals.

IIumination Unit:2,000V AC,1 min.between live part/ground

Soldering Temperature 20W/5 seconds of 260°C/3 seconds

12mm Metal Push Button Switch Illuminated Rest Push Button Switch 0112mm Metal Push Button Switch Illuminated Rest Push Button Switch 0212mm Metal Push Button Switch Illuminated Rest Push Button Switch 03

Our push button lamp switch has quickly occupied all some domestic and foreign switch markets in these years, and has won the top spot with a thunderbolt. This trend is still rising. Not only that, our switch is constantly being upgraded, and more types and types of switches have appeared, and 12mm push button switch is one of the types, and it is also the most popular switch type nowadays.

Let me show you advantages of our switch. Firstly, our material selection of switch is very particular, all adopt high hardness and high strength shrapnel materials imported from abroad, in addition to the use of extremely insulating materials, as far as possible to avoid accidents. Secondly, Firmness is a very important factor in the installation and use of the product. Therefore, consumers will look at this first when comparing the switches. The installation method of plastic catches makes the switch more stable and firm during use. Thirdly, our switch must be safe and reliable during use. This switch has a sturdy insulating shell, which is not only beautiful, but also has strong safety performance, users can rest assured. Last, our switch action method of push button lamp switch adopts the operation method in the form of shrapnel. According to the difference of the contacts, the action method is different. At most, one switch can have two colors, and the designer can choose any color!


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