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When the voltage regulator must be used

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Whenever it rains, a lot of friends are wondering: “heavy rain, many lighting equipment is still on, because the rain is too big, and the current instability? ” Since there may be some unexpected accidents, the power sector has long thought of these sudden problems,they will installed the voltage regulator in advance in some important sections of the road lighting equipment.

In a city, the lights on the entire road are often powered by a line, when the night is coming ready to open, a large current generated in an instant. If there is no regulator on the whole line, it is very likely to lead to unstable current output, will affect the lighting of street lights, there may be damaged bulbs. If the light bulb were to explode again, causing injury to pedestrians, it would be a public event. Therefore, it is really necessary to install the voltage regulator in advance. Some important areas, 24 hours can not turn off the lights, it is necessary to install voltage regulator.

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