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With the advent of a new round of power investment boom

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With the advent of a new round of power investment boom, power transmission and transformation equipment manufactures will be at full capacity in the next few years, showing a boom in production and sales and a very prosperous situation. As an important branch of the power transmission and distribution industry, the voltage stabilizer manufacturing industry is singing all the way.

At the beginning, everyone only produced old type regulators, but with the vigorous development of electronic technology, the electronic type became more and more popular with single phase and three phase. As the circuit board uses more and more chip technology and choose wide voltage and price advantage. The main disadvantage is poor relay with life limit. With advancement of technology, non-contacts will eventually become everyone’s best choice. At the same time, SCR technology is slowly developing, but there is still a perfect process with higher price.

With the transformation of power grids and the adoption of switching power supply technology in home appliances, the market of civilian voltage stabilizer is getting smaller and smaller, At present, the foreign market is still hot spot for growth, especially Africa, East of European and South of Asia , more and more customer purchase a lot of home appliances such as air conditioner, refrigerators, washing machines, etc., all of which require stable voltage and there should be a boom perod of about 10 years. But the domestic market is become more and more niche. The large-scale voltage stabilizer market is currently good at home and abroad. Large-scale equipment is more sensitive to voltage requirements and hospitals , subways and bank and so on. Many factories order some very expensive equipment, but these require a particularly high-precision voltage to work better and run for a long time, so this is also a hot spot .

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