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TAILEIOK Factory Selling 8mm Metal Red Green Yellow 12v 24v Flat Head 220v Led Indicator Light Signal Lamp

Important parameter:

Specifications Dimension Panel Cutout:桅8mm
Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China
Protection Level:IP65
Material:Stainless steel/Brass nickel plated
Type:Equipment Indicator Lights(LED)
Terminal: Wires
Body: Nickel plated brass/Stainless steel
LED voltage:12v,24v,110v,220v

Important parameter:

Model NO. LB8C-D/X
Mounting Hole Diameter Φ8mm
Head Shape Flat round head
Shell Material Stainless steel/Brass nickel plated
Luminescence Type Whole circle luminescence
Protection Level IP65
Lamp Color Yellow/blue/red/green/white
LED voltage 12v,24v,110v,220v
Terminal Wires
Product type Equipment Indicator Lights(LED)


4. TAILEIOK Factory selling 8mm metal red green yellow 12v 24v flat head 220v led indicator light signal lamp

1.What is the function of the indicator light?

Metal indicator lights are mainly used in circuits or mechanical equipment, and play a very good warning role in monitoring and early warning of the running status of the equipment.

2.What is an indicator lamp?

This is a device that uses lights to monitor the operation or location of electrical circuits and electrical equipment for normal conditions. Indicator lights are usually used to reflect the working status of the circuit (electrical or non-electrical), the working status of electrical equipment (running, shutdown or testing) and position status (closed or open), etc.

3. What color is the indicator lamp?

Commonly used colors for indicator lights include red, green, yellow, blue, and white. Yellow means standby, green means normal operation, and red means emergency stop.

4.What kind of voltage does the LED metal indicator have?

You can choose 3V, 6V, 12V, 24V, 48V, 110V, 220V, 250V, 380v and other voltages, of course, the company can also customize the voltage for you according to your personal needs!

Pay attention to:

The led light indicates that the LED adopts non-polar LED, which can be used by customers without any positive and negative levels.

Indicator is very important in our life. There are a lot of information interactions in life. For example, when you drive a car on the road and need to turn left, you turn on your left turn signal and tell the vehicles behind you that you are turning left. This kind of turn signal flashes to you. The message that you want to change lanes from the car behind is a kind of information interaction.Installing our LED indicators on different devices is also to enable this kind of information interaction; for example, on a hot water machine, you need a glass of water at 80℃, but you don’t know what temperature the water you are receiving will be at this time. Turn on the switch and find that the indicator light is lit green, indicating that the temperature has reached the temperature you set before, so you can safely receive the water.Indicator lights are very versatile and are usually used in The coffee machine, The water heater, water dispenser, Baked Fried furnace, Meat grinder, automation, Test equipment, Disinfection cabinet, dishwasher, Barbecues, Cleaning machine, Food machinery, The freezer, A blender, blender, The fault, Modified car, Shoe machine, Refrigeration equipment, Insulated rice stand, cooking stove……

In order to allow you to better install the indicator light, a gasket, a nut and a waterproof ring are included in the packaging of all LED indicators; the waterproof ring is to prevent accidental splashing and reduce the problems caused by rain on the indicator.The washer and nut are for you to install this LED indicator more firmly, as long as these three accessories are installed, the indicator light on your device can have a longer life.


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