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The principle of Step Up Voltage Stabilizer: Is to step up the input voltage to the desired output voltage level. It uses a switching tube to control the time fraction of the input voltage, converts it into a rectangular pulse signal, and achieves the step-up voltage stabilization of the output voltage through a transformer and filter circuit. step Up Voltage Stabilizer can increase the input voltage to a higher level than the input voltage, which is very useful in some applications.

The Step Up Voltage Stabilizer mainly consists of basic components such as switching tubes, inductors and diodes.

Switching tubes: can be field-effect tubes, transistors, bipolar transistors or MOS tubes. They have fast switching speed and high control accuracy, which can control the output voltage of the circuit more accurately.

Inductors:Components used to store energy, which can convert the input voltage into magnetic energy and then release it into the output voltage.

Diodes: used to protect the circuit and filter to avoid reverse voltage flow into the circuit.

Step Up Voltage Stabilizer works as follows.

When the input voltage is lower than the output voltage, the switching tube turns on, the inductor stores the power and the capacitor charges.

When the input voltage reaches the set value, the switch is off, the inductor releases energy, the capacitor discharges, and the output voltage rises.

When the output voltage reaches the set value, the feedback circuit adjusts the on-time of the switching tube to keep the output voltage stable.

When the input voltage or load changes, the feedback circuit will sense and adjust the on-time of the switching tube in time to keep the output voltage stable.

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