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Vibratory Feeder Controller

Vibratory Feeder Controller

Vibrating feeder, also known as mining vibrating feeder, is a mechanical equipment designed for crushing and screening in front of the coarse crusher to transport large pieces of material evenly, it plays an irreplaceable role in the crushing and screening production line.

Working Principles of Vibratory Feeder Controllers

The exciter is made up of two eccentric shafts in a specific position with gears meshing together. When assembled, the two gears must be meshed according to the mark and driven by a motor to make the two eccentric shafts rotate, thus generating a huge synthetic linear excitation force to make the body vibrate forcibly on the supporting springs. When the material passes through the sieve bar on the trough, the smaller material can fall through the gap of the sieve bar, without going through the next crushing process, which has the effect of screening.

Vibratory feeder controllers play a crucial role in regulating the operation of vibratory feeders, ensuring precise control over material flow. While vibratory bowl feeders offer numerous advantages, such as high throughput and efficient part orientation, they have limitations concerning delicate parts and frequent changeovers. Proper sizing of vibratory feeders involves considering material properties, required feed rate, and feeding arrangement. By selecting the appropriate type of vibratory feeder for specific applications, industries can enhance material handling efficiency, optimize processes, and improve overall productivity.

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