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What is the role of the voltage regulator

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What is the role of the voltage regulator
1.One of the biggest role of the voltage regulator is that it can control the output voltage of appliances with large current fluctuations within a certain range to ensure the smooth flow of the circuit and the normal use of appliances. Unstable voltage can cause fatal injury or misoperation of equipment, affecting the use, quality instability and many other effects. So the use of voltage regulators, is essential.

2. The voltage regulator is the device that makes the output voltage stable. Voltage regulator has a regulator constant voltage, control circuit, and servo motors and other components. When the input voltage or load changes, the control circuit for sampling, comparison, amplification, and then drive the servo motor rotation, so that the position of the regulator carbon brush change, by automatically adjusting the coil turns ratio, so as to maintain the stability of the output voltage.

3. The regulator role has three:
(1) the high voltage requirements of precision instruments to play a protective role.
(2) higher standards of laboratory (laboratory) experimental equipment (laboratory equipment) j are equipped with voltage regulators to ensure that the precision level of experimental (laboratory) data (accurate).
(3) hospitals, national defense, factories, schools, financial services and other key equipment are equipped with voltage regulators to ensure the stability and safety of equipment operation. And so in short, the key sectors of each industry on their own key power equipment are applied voltage regulators

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