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16mm Pilot Lamp Signal LED Indicator Lights With Screw Terminal

Important parameter:

Specifications Dimension Panel Cutout: Φ16mm
Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China
Protection Level:IP65
Material:Stainless steel/Brass nickel plated
Type:Equipment Indicator Lights(LED)
Terminal: Wires
Body: Nickel plated brass/Stainless steel
Type:Equipment Indicator Lights
LED voltage:12v,24v,110v,220v
Application:Car Boat Marine

Home appliances that we use each and every day are made up of an incredible number of components. Each of these parts is fundamental and is itself made up of a series of small devices assembled to perform a certain function.

These components also include indicator lights. Devices designed for a wide variety of application needs, beacons or indicator lights are optimal for reliable indication of the operating status of a device.

What is an indicator light used for?

Indicator lights are a type of illuminating device that is commonly used to signify that equipment is either receiving power or that there is some form of malfunction. We have all seen the red light come on when you power on a device. That is an example of an indicator light.

Indicator lights: applications

Indicator lights are used in diverse sectors. An important area of use for these components is that of household appliances, with subcategories relating to food processing equipment, washing, cooking, and small household appliances in general.

Indicator lights are also used in the HVAC sector, in lighting technology, in the medical machinery sector, in spare parts, in switchgear and wiring systems, and in the automotive sector.

Indicator lights and warning lights: what is the difference?

The difference between indicator lights and warning lights is very subtle. These terms are sometimes used to refer to the same type of device, i.e. components that indicate the correct functioning or failure of machinery and applications.

Warning lights are usually more associated with an emergency signal. These are either flashing or static emergency lights. In the first case, the source is a red flashing LED; in the second case, the source contained within the indicator must be of high intensity to allow the operator to see the emergency indication even at considerable distance from the control panel.


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