TLCR(A) US socket type voltage stabilizer with glossy design

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TLCR series single phase South American socket RELAY CONTROL AC automatic voltage regulator , which is simple and lightweight special design and only used in American special country. Meanwhile we choose square transformer which is produced by ourselves mainly for small power ,its cost is very low and its volume is very small and easy to carry. We have four or eight output socket for choosing and it connect several appliance in one time and saving fee.

We produced our new pcb board by ourselves and choosing new designing and reduce many  not necessary protection and keep simple function in order to increase its life time.

Our stabilizer can make voltage with 110V and 220V output and it can protect TV, printing machine, fan, refrigeration working well in low voltage and avoid damaging these appliance in low voltage.


FEATURE : 1. Relay control
2. Wide range voltage regulation
3. Technology:classis series ,El transformer or toroidal transformer,relay type
4. Automatic voltage regulation
5. 8 output USA sockets
6. Insulation resistance:≥2MΩ
APPLICATIONS: TV-SET / HI-FI / DVD / FAX / Copy Machine / Printer/ Scanner /Air Conditioner/Computer /Test Equipment/Fridge /Lighting/ Equipment ETC




Input voltage


Input frequnency


Output voltage

220V AC/110V AC

Output precision


Time delay

delay/un-delay(180/3seconds selectable)



Load power factor



single phase

Operating temperature


Storage temperature


Operating relative humidity


Customize option for specification and availability please contact TAILEI


1. The voltage of network input must conform to the demand of AVR, for optimum operation.2. Connect all plugs securely.3. Always turn AVR power switch on first, the turn appliance power switch on.(Failure to do so may cause AVR fuse to blow)4. For best results, do not use if overload condition exists.5. Do not use in overly humid or flammable surroudings; avoid contact with any liquids.6. The relationship between the output capacity and input voltage as following picture and diagram:


Utmost using time


60 minutes


32 minutes


5 minutes

Long time overload is forbidden.

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