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19MM 2NO 2NC 3 Position Metal Selector Rotary Metal Push Button Switch 6 PINS

Important parameter:

Specifications Dimension Panel Cutout:Φ19mm
Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China
Protection Level:IP65
Max. Current:5A
Max. Voltage:220V
Operation type:3 Position
Material:Stainless steel/Brass nickel plated
Terminal:6 Pin Terminal
Product type:19MM 2NO 2NC 3 Position Metal Selector Rotary Metal Push Button Switch
Mounting Hole Size:Dia 19mm


Model NO.LB19-■X/■1/◎
Mounting Hole DiameterΦ19mm
Switch Combination1NO 1NC /2NO 2NC
Type of OperationRotary knob
Shell MaterialStainless steel/Brass nickel plated
Protection LevelIP65
Max. Current5A
Max. Voltage220V
Welding foot/Terminal6 Pin Terminal
Product typePush Button Switch

A rotary switch is a switch operated by rotation. These are often chosen when more than 2 positions are needed. A rotary switch consists of a spindle or “rotor” that has a contact arm or “spoke” which projects from its surface like a cam. It has an array of terminals, arranged in a circle around the rotor, each of which serves as a contact for the “spoke” through which any one of a number of different electrical circuits can be connected to the rotor. The switch is layered to allow the use of multiple poles; each layer is equivalent to one pole. Alternatively the rotation can be limited to a fraction (half; third etc.) of a circle and then each layer can have multiple (two; three etc.) poles.

Working Conditions

1. The ambient air temperature ≤ +40 ° C, and the average temperature within 24 h ≤ +35 ° C.

2. The lower limit of ambient air temperature ≤ -25 °C.

3. The altitude of the installation location is ≤2000m.

4. When the maximum temperature is +40 °C, and the relative humidity of the air does not exceed 50%, and the higher relative humidity can be allowed at lower temperatures, for example, 90% at 20 °C. Special measures should be taken for condensation that occasionally occurs due to temperature changes.

5.The surrounding environment should be clean, free of flammable and flammable hazardous materials, no gas sufficient to damage insulation and metal, no conductive dust.


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