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TLN Wall Mount Voltage Stabilizer


TLN wall mount series RELAY CONTROL AC automatic voltage stabilizer , which is the leading select of the American chip by our company, uses the computer digitization procedure to Control the functional movement of the entire machine. The TLN series wall-mounted AC voltage stabilizer is a new product developedon the basis of the original TSD type and integrated the advantages of various voltage stabilizers.

TLN has the advantages of high voltage regulation accuracy, strong overload capacity, good reliability, strong anti-interference ability, high efficiency, long-term continuous work, long service life, etc. It is ideal to replace the TSD series of electronic voltage stabilizers . It can provide a quiet, silent, safe and reliable working environment.

It can provide high-precision and stable power supply for computers, copiers, program-controlled telephone exchanges, industrial precision electrical appliances, medical equipment, household appliances and other equipment.

1.Wide input voltage:AC 140~260V or 100-260VAC Or customize
2.High technology:programmed control computerized
3.Fashion design:LED display which can show all protection functions.
4.Quality insurance:Main spare parts made by ourselves,for example,transformer,PCB.
5.Perfect protection function:over/low voltage protection,over-heat/load protection,short circuit protection.
6.Option function:with voltage regulator and mains supply two kind output voltage choice function,in mains supply relatively stable season,the user can put voltage stabilizer in mains supply state,there is no power consumption,it is economic and convenient.
7.High efficiency:More than 95%


Model TLN-1000 TLN-2000 TLN-3000 TLN-5000 TLN-10000
Power 1000VA/600W 2000VA/1200W 3000VA/1800W 3000VA/1800W 5000VA/3000W
Phase Single Phase
Technology CPU based Digital Circuit
Indicator LED graphic
Display Status working, time delay, failure
Input Voltage AC 140~260V or 100-260VAC Or customize
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Output Voltage 220Vac   110Vac
Precision +/-10%
Protection Over-heat Protection Yes
Circuit Protection Fuse / Circuit Breaker / Air Break Switch
High Voltage Protection Yes
Delay Time 6/120Seconds
Safety Standards CE, EN60950, En55024
Efficiency 98%
Operating Conditions Operating Temperature 0-40°C
Operating Relative Humidit 10%RH~95%RH, Non-condensing
Storage temperature -5°C-45°C
Appearance AVR size (mm) 304x199x68 304x 199×68 367x247x95 367x247x95 420x290x120
AVR N.W. (kg) 4.8 6 12.5 15.5 20


1. The voltage of network input must conform to the demand of AVR, for optimum operation.2. Connect all plugs securely.3. Always turn AVR power switch on first, the turn appliance power switch on.(Failure to do so may cause AVR fuse to blow)4. For best results, do not use if overload condition exists.5. Do not use in overly humid or flammable surroudings; avoid contact with any liquids.6. The relationship between the output capacity and input voltage as following picture and diagram: Automatic Voltage Stabilizer


Utmost using time


60 minutes


32 minutes


5 minutes

Long time overload is forbidden.

32_TLN-1000VA Wall Mount Voltage Stabilizer


27_TLN-1500VA Wall Mount Voltage Stabilizer


25_TLN-2000VA Wall Mount Voltage Stabilizer


14_TLN-5000VA-01 Wall Mount Voltage Stabilizer


06_TLN-8000VA Wall Mount Voltage Stabilizer


01_TLN-10000VA Wall Mount Voltage Stabilizer


00_TLN-10000VA Wall Mount Voltage Stabilizer


29_TLN-1500V Wall Mount Voltage Stabilizer



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